This is a traditional 90-minute Primary Series Ashtanga class. Instructor will offer manual adjustments and modifications as needed. Some vinyasa flow experience recommended. (Levels 2 or 3)



A Bhakti & Flow class is a vigorous Vinyasa Flow that begins and ends with devotional chanting. This is a practice that awakens the breath and the flow of prana, our life force energy. Expect challenging sequences, good music and a lot of sweat. Arm balances and inversions regularly taught. One year of vinyasa flow practice recommended. (Levels 2 or 3)



Seeking to offer maximum relaxation, this class is a slower moving vinyasa flow that guides you through a blend of yoga styles under the dim glow of simulated candlelight.  Work out the tension and kinks in your body moving in conjunction with breath while cultivating strength, flexibility, presence and serenity. (All levels)



This alignment-based class focuses on strengthening the entirety of the core. Through targeted movements, postures and breath work, you will become acquainted with and invigorate specific muscle groups to keep your core strong and enlivened. Come join to build that inner fire! (All levels)



This 60-minute class includes interval cycling followed by core-focused exercises to promote stability and strength. A combination of floor work, incorporating arm strength, adductors, opposing muscle groups to balance/compliment cycling. Wear sneakers or cycling shoes with SPD clips and bring a yoga mat. (All levels)



Thrive Interval Cycling is a low impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout for your mind, body and spirit. Expect a variety of stamina and strength-building drills as you pedal to the beat of the music. Challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds through interval training. (All levels)



Build your aerobic base, improve your heart and lung capacity, train your body to employ stored fat as a main source of energy for your workout and hone your mind-body connection with Endurance Cycling. This class will work your body at a steady pace while focusing your mind. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance or get in shape, Endurance Cycling will build a solid foundation to help you achieve all your fitness goals! (All levels)



Embody Flow is a creative, challenging and balancing vinyasa yoga practice designed to integrate mindful awareness, alignment, strength and flexibility through the fluid dance of breath-linked movement.  We will build towards challenging poses, while diving inwardly to tend to the inner world. This class is Prana Vinyasa - inspired; a holistic and transformative journey into deeper embodiment. Some vinyasa experience encouraged (All levels)



This grounding and gentle vinyasa-style class is designed specifically for an evening practice. It is based on the concept of Vinyasa Krama, meaning “to move in a sacred way with wisdom”, where participants will be guided through mindfully crafted sequences with a specific energetic intention. Expect a combination of gentle flow, breath work and meditation to unwind from your day and prepare for a restful evening. (All levels)



Hip House mixes elements of electronic house music and hip hop. Banging dance beats and lyrical melodies will get you in the zone and keep you riding to the beat. This is a 45-minute low impact, high intensity workout. Thrive Interval Cycle classes are designed to train your body for better recovery through a number of drills, climbs, short endurance segments and stamina-building exercises that will also strengthen your body and improve your cardiovascular health. *Music will be played as the artist originally intended and there might be explicit lyrics. (All levels)



Mat Pilates is a low impact class that focuses on improving posture, strengthening the core (abdominal and back muscles) while toning the entire body and building a lean physique. In this 45 minute class, we will frequently use props to challenge muscles in new ways and to work on creating a healthier and more balanced body. Whether you are a hiker, biker, weight lifter, soccer player, etc., you will greatly benefit from Mat Pilates as a way to work on frequently neglected and deeper muscles of your core! This class is suitable for everyone, as we will demonstrate ways to modify and progress our sequence. (All levels)



This class is a slower, more alignment-based vinyasa flow with an emphasis on mindful movement, longer holds and building the individual postures. Modifications and other variations of poses offered. (All levels)



This vigorous all-levels vinyasa class links breath to movement. Always different, each sequence is designed to be fun and energetic, and promotes detoxification of the body and mind. This class is great for participants who are comfortable with moderate classes and are ready for a more challenging and insightful practice. Regular work with arm balancing and inversions. (Levels 2 or 3)



A Thrive original and the ultimate mind-body-spirit workout: 30 minutes of Cycling followed by 30 minutes of Yoga. Start with an intense heart-pumping ride, and then move onto the mat for a sequence designed especially for cyclists and athletes. Burn calories, build strength and flexibility, tone the core and improve your breathing. Bring sneakers or cycling shoes equipped with SPD clips, and a yoga mat. (All levels)



This nurturing sequence includes a blend of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga postures, combined with breath awareness, to release tension in the deeper layers of the body, quiet the mind, and calm the central nervous system. We will use blocks, blankets, bolsters and other props to allow the body to open safely and relax deeply. (All levels)



End your day in an amazing way! This 60 minute class will be part foam rolling and part restorative yoga. To unwind, release and de-stress your physical form we will be using foam rollers, tennis balls and other props in combination with the breath to find more bodily ease. Following the foam rolling, enjoy restorative yoga postures to decompress your nervous system. What could be better than this? (All levels)



This 60-minute class will improve mobility, endurance and stamina through a combination of yoga, pilates, weights, high-intensity interval training and cardio. (All levels)



This 45 minute class that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and strong. Reset your day through an express noon-time session full of mindful breath, movement and a sweet ending Savasana. Prior Vinyasa experience recommended. (Level 2)



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