This is a traditional, led 90-minute Primary Series Ashtanga class. Instructors will offer manual adjustments and modifications as needed. Class is taught in 80-85 degrees with 30% humidity. Some Vinyasa Flow experience recommended. Not suitable for total beginners. 

Primary Series

Bhakti Flow

Bhakti is the Yoga of love and devotion to the god of one's own unique understanding. A Bhakti Flow class is a vigorous Vinyasa Flow class taught in 85-90 degrees that begins and ends class with chanting, a complete secular practice that awakens the breath and the flow of prana, our life force energy. Expect challenging sequences, good music and a lot of sweat. Arm balances and inversions regularly taught. Level 2/3. One year of Vinyasa Flow practice required. 

Candlelight Flow  



This class, offering ultimate relaxation, is a slower moving vinyasa flow that guides you through a blend of yoga styles under the dim glow of candles.  Work out the tension and kinks in your body moving in conjunction with breath while cultivating strength, flexibility, presence and serenity. Taught in 85 degrees with 40-45% humidity. All levels welcome.

Interval Cycling

Thrive Interval Cycling is a low impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout for your mind, body and spirit. Expect a variety of stamina and strength-building drills as you pedal to the beat of the music. Challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds through interval training. All levels. Beginners welcome.

Hip Hop Cycle classes may contain explicit material in the music playlists.

Embody Flow

Embody Flow is a creative, challenging and balancing vinyasa yoga practice designed to integrate mindful awareness, alignment, strength and flexibility through the fluid dance of breath-linked movement.  We will build towards challenging poses, while diving inwardly to tend to the inner world. This class is Prana Vinyasa - inspired; a holistic and transformative journey into deeper embodiment. All levels welcome. Some vinyasa experience encouraged. Ideal temp 85-87, 45% humidity.

Endurance Cycling

Build your aerobic base, improve your heart and lung capacity, train your body to employ stored fat as a main source of energy for your workout and hone your mind-body connection with Endurance Cycling. This class will work your body at a steady pace while focusing your mind. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance or get in shape, Endurance Cycling will build a solid foundation to help you achieve all your fitness goals! All levels welcome.

Formerly "Yin", this class emphasizes long, deep holds for improved elasticity and healing, incorporating postures from the Yin and Restorative traditions. Poses are typically held for 3-10 minutes, allowing the stretch to get deep into the connective tissues of our bodies. Class is held in a dimly lit room with soft, relaxing music, in a warm room (80-85 degrees). This class promotes relaxation and provides softness and ease for those with an active lifestyle. Perfect for practitioners of every level.

Gentle Stretch

This class is a slower, more alignment-based vinyasa flow taught in 85-90 degrees with 40-50% humidity. Emphasis on mindful movement, longer holds and building the individual postures. All levels; modifications and advanced variations of poses offered. Suitable for beginners. 

Mindful Flow

This vigorous all-levels vinyasa class links breath to movement in 90-95 degrees with 40-50% humidity. Always different, each sequence is designed to be fun and energetic, and promotes detoxification of the body and mind. All levels. Some Vinyasa Flow experience recommended. 

Power Flow


A true power combo class: cycling followed by core-focused exercises to promote stability and strength, combined with floor work and use of Pilates balls,  incorporating arm strength, adductors, opposing muscle groups to balance/compliment cycling. All levels. Beginners welcome.

A Thrive original and the ultimate mind-body-spirit workout: 30 minutes of Cycling + 45 minutes of Yoga. Start with an intense heart-pumping ride, and then move onto the mat for an energizing sequence designed especially for cyclists and athletes. Burn calories, build strength and flexibility, tone the core and improve your breathing. All levels. Beginners welcome.


$5 Community Cycle & Yoga Classes 

Building a thriving community is at the core of our vision, so we feel it is important to offer some classes that are accessible to a larger portion of the population. All community classes are taught by core Thrive instructors and are appropriate for all levels. Beginners welcome. 

This class will be 15 minutes of gentle movement, stretching and opening of the body to prepare for a 30 minute guided meditation, all led in a warm room. All levels welcome. Props will be available for use. 

$5 Community Meditation

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