The Cycling Studio


Featuring the best indoor cycling bikes on the market, mood-driven color-changing LED lights, a disco ball and big sound, our Cycling Studio is a great place for a serious, fun, safe workout!

The Bikes

Our studio features 20 top-of-the-line Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes with dual sided pedal technology. Micro-adjustment capabilities, including saddle and handle bar fore and aft mobility, ensure optimal fit for a comfortable and effective ride. The bikes are chain driven, which means your ride will be smooth and even throughout, and will feel more like an outdoor ride than belt-driven bikes.  After extensive research and product testing across many brands, we find the feel of these bikes to be unparalleled. 

The lighting scheme in our Cycling Room was carefully planned in order to create different moods and evoke different emotions during a ride. Dimly lit by the color-changing LED strips, we strive to provide a multi-sensory experience to enhance a serious, safe, fun workout. 

The Lighting

The Sound

To enhance the powerful, driving, meditative quality of riding to the beat of the music, we have equipped our studio with big-sound equipment. Noise-sensitive folks, we've got you covered; we provide disposable earplugs at the front desk. 

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