The lowdown on Cycling at Santa Fe Thrive  

At Thrive we strive to offer the best experience possible. As such, we request that our clients participate in fostering a culture of excellence.

Below you will find a list of Cycling-specific Frequently Asked Questions and some Studio Etiquette pointers to improve your experience and that of other students.


The Basics

Is Thrive Indoor Cycling different from Spinning®?

In short, yes. Spinning® is a brand name and an indoor cycling fitness program. Indoor Cycling is the general name of the exercise category and varies greatly in how it is taught from instructor to instructor. Thrive is not a Spinning® studio and we refrain from using the terms "spin" and "spinning." Instead, we talk about "cycle" and "cycling."

The most important building block of our class design is the beat of the music. At Thrive, we pedal to the beat and every rider sets his/her resistance according to their perception of exertion, following instructors' descriptions. Our instructors implement thoughtful elements of class design in combination with resistance levels to provide our clients with a safe, effective workout routine. Rather than focusing on achieving target heart rate numbers, we encourage riders to listen to their bodies and determine their own level of intensity. This allows for a more mindful mind-body integration while you burn 500+ calories, sweat out toxins and get your groove on. 

What are the benefits of Indoor Cycling?

An indoor cycling class is an intense cardiovascular workout, causing metabolism speeds to increase significantly during exercise and then gradually slow down throughout the day post-workout. This means that you continue to burn calories for hours following each class.

Thrive Indoor cycling is a meditative experience; it is a 45 to 60-minute opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and connect with the present moment, lose yourself in the music and mood, push your threshold and have a great time.

In addition to burning fat, aerobic exercise strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to fatigue, lowers the risk of heart disease, decreases tension, aids sleep, increases stamina and cardiac output and has numerous psychological benefits.

What should I bring to class?

(1) A water bottle! It is important to hydrate before, during and after class. We have a filtered water bottle filler station to help ensure you do so. (2) Butt-pad shorts (technically called a chamois) if you have 'em. Trust us: they will make your ride more enjoyable. (3) Shoes with SPD clips are encouraged, but sneakers are fine. (4) Complimentary showers and towel service are included in your experience. (5) If the music is too loud for your taste, we provide earplugs in the cycling studio. 


There are two ways you can sign-up. (1) Just show up! Arrive at least 15 minutes early to register for class and get accustomed to the space. If you are just starting out, we can provide you with everything you need to have an enjoyable experience. (2) Pick a class and sign up online here

Do you have Beginner-friendly classes?

All of our Cycling classes are great for beginners, as students ride at their own pace. We pedal to the beat of the music, and you adjust your resistance to what feels right to you. You can always back off, slow down or skip certain exercises. If you are brand new to Cycling, we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class so that your instructor can help you set up your bike and show you some basics. Riding techniques are covered at the beginning of every class. Take a look at our Class Descriptions for more information. 

The Etiquette

No cell phones in the studio. 

Please disconnect during class. If you are professional on call or are concerned about missing an important call from your child's school, a family member, etc., our front desk staff is happy to hold onto your phone and let you know if you are needed. • Mobile and device usage permitted only in silent mode outside yoga and cycle rooms.

No talking during class.

We encourage you to meet your bike neighbors, but please be respectful of others and keep conversations to a minimum. 

No street shoes in the cycling studio. 

Please bring clean sneakers or shoes with SPD clips for cycling, and leave your street shoes in the cubbies outside the cycling studio. We have cubbies in the cycling studio for personal belongings (keys, bags, etc.), but please remember to silence your phone! If for some reason the front desk is left unattended during a class, the front door to the building will be locked. 

Stay home if you are sick. 

Rest up, take care of yourself, and come see us when you are feeling better.

Arrive on time. 

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and be on a bike or mat 5 minutes before scheduled class time. First-time clients should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to allow time to check in at the front desk. No late admittance once a class has started. It takes time to get ready, so arriving exactly at the time of class constitutes a late arrival. Reserved class spots will be reassigned to waitlist clients 2 minutes before class time. Absolutely no sneaking into class through the back of the studio. You will be asked to leave.

Check in at the front desk. 

Our front desk staff does their best to make sure your experience is the best possible. Please give them a hand (and a little patience): before you breeze by our checkpoint, please make sure our front desk has acknowledged you and has your correct name.

Listen to your body. 

Take breaks when you need to take breaks. Back off or modify when you need to. There is no judgement. 

Have fun. 

Yup, this is a rule. You are required to have some fun in here. Don't take yourself or your practice too seriously. Play around. Try something new. Laugh at yourself. Lighten your load. That's the whole point.  

Wipe down your bike. 

Because you hope the person who used the bike before you wiped it down for you. And let us know if you hear or feel something out of whack while you ride. We do our best to keep our bikes in top condition. 



Santa Fe Thrive LLC and all its facilities and staff reserve the right to refuse service to clients who violate our policies and practices, create an environment detrimental to a positive experience to all our clientele or engage in disruptive and disrespectful behavior at our facilities or with other clients or staff.