THRIVE is a platform WELLNESS AND COMMUNITY. OUR STUDIO, YOUR STUDIO, IS a space for intention-driven community building AND personal empowerment.

Santa Fe Thrive, FOundation & Values

Community — We strive to create and foster community within and beyond the studio. Coherence — We are committed to consistency in vision and execution, in what is said and what is done. Wellness — We help our clients establish a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that results in an overall sense of well-being.  Ahimsa — We are committed to the practice of ahimsa, meaning compassion for others and doing less harm. Tapas — We provide clients an opportunity to practice tapas through physically challenging classes that cultivate discipline and burn away ego. Collaboration — We work together with our clients and our community to achieve a shared goal: to THRIVE. Tolerance — We practice tolerance toward those whose opinions, practices, etc. differ from one's own. Drive — We are passionately motivated to offer the best classes possible. Education — Our instructors continually seek to further their knowledge and understanding of their disciplines; we are forever students.