Joey Reich

cycling INstructor
Santa Fe Thrive

Joey is a Santa Fe Thrive success story, and our studio’s first “home grown” cycling instructor. Looking to get into better shape for himself and his family, Joey attended one of Michele Warsa's Saturday classes, where he sat on a bike next to Lisa Roach and worked out harder than he had ever worked in his life.  The next day he came back.  And the next…  Joey has not looked back since, and converted from a loyal regular to an enthusiastic instructor after earning his Mad Dogg Spinning © certification in Santa Fe.

Joey is a math teacher at Santa Fe Prep, a glassblower, an amateur scientist, a poor skier, a proud nerd, a gardening enthusiast, chess coach, and most importantly, Oliver’s daddy and Amy’s husband. What attracted Joey to indoor cycling was that it is an opportunity to decompress, to do something great for his body, but also to have FUN.  Joey embraces the “Dance Party on a Bike” ethos, and carefully picks out his music for maximal awesomeness potential.  If you are looking for a high energy class, a killer workout, a couple of nerd-jokes, and a chance to “shake that thang,” then Joey’s class is perfect for you.