Alexandra Velasquez


Alexandra offers a class that is honoring of all levels, appropriately challenging, yet fun. Her positive energy is contagious; it will keep you smiling and enthusiastic amidst the sweat and intervals. 

In addition to being a lifelong athlete and student of fitness, Alexandra started teaching 10 years ago. She is a certified Spinning® Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics and an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor. Trained as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Alexandra also provides integrative, therapeutic and holistic services to individuals, groups, and families in the Santa Fe community. Alexandra's background includes research and study in the areas of experiential learning, nutrition, health and healing rituals, along with an apprenticeship with a world-renowned Herbalist. 


Amy Jane Banfield


Amy Jane never knew that yoga would be her calling and her path. It was her first trip to Santa Fe that led to her initial experiences  with yoga. After more than a decade as a competitive synchronized swimmer and having completed two marathons, she found the best of both worlds in Vinyasa:  fluidity combined with the power & challenge of the practice. Amy Jane completed her 200-hour Vinyasa certification through YogahOMe in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio in 2012, and received her E-RYT 200 certification from Yoga Alliance in the summer of 2015.

Amy Jane's passion for teaching is rooted in witnessing her students become empowered by their bodies while their stress and worries melt away. Her classes are smooth, sweet and dynamic, encouraging students to let loose, move, play and melt. Her teaching inspirations include Matthew Sanford, Kathryn Budig and Rod Stryker, along with other instructors, her family and all the people she interacts with each day. 

When she is not teaching or practicing, you can find Amy Jane enjoying the great outdoors (hiking is one of her favorites), exploring the Farmers' Market, drinking tea, art journaling, spending time with those who uplift her, reading at a local coffee shop or just out and about exploring Santa Fe, always with a smile on her face!


Annie Kohn Mullins


Annie Kohn Mullins began her yoga journey like many do—at a local studio during a crossroad in her life. Yoga continues to carve a path for her towards inner exploration and, ultimately, a deep awakening for healing, growth, and connection. A lifetime student of the moving arts, Annie received a BFA in dance and choreography from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. She has taught dance for over a decade. Annie is a 500 RYT and a 200hr instructor of Prana Vinyasa, a holistic and transformative journey into deeper embodiment created by global teacher and activist Shiva Rea.

Annie's classes are designed to create space to tend to the Self in the most loving way. Focusing on anatomical and energetic alignment within the breath flow, Annie hopes to encourage practitioners to tap into their own visceral richness and inner strength. Annie is delighted to share the practice of vinyasa yoga with the intent of providing a nurturing, empowering, and creative experience, enabling students to leave class connected into their core radiance.


Carolina Portago

Yoga INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, Carolina spent the last decade based in New York and Los Angeles. An avid traveler from a young age, she’s explored many foreign countries, climbed one of the world’s highest peaks, and met some incredible people.

During her time in LA, Carolina undertook a Yoga Works 200 hour teacher training in an effort to develop her own practice. What she discovered was a profound desire to deepen her understanding of yoga and share her experience. She went on to attend Off the Mat, Into the World’s week long intensive before jumping into Maty Ezraty’s rigorous 100 hour teacher training at Exhale in Venice Beach, CA. Simultaneously completing her 500 hour teacher training at Yoga Works and teaching regularly at a homeless shelter in Santa Monica, CA, Carolina witnessed just how impactful yoga can be. With a strong emphasis on alignment and safety, she creates a space where everyone has fun while working hard.

Carolina holds a bachelors of science in psychology from The New School and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in the Eastern Classics Program at St. John’s College. Her greatest achievement to date is the birth of her son.


Chelsea Call


Chelsea first connected with yoga through the practice of mindful breath-work as a way to confront her anxiety.  This quickly led to a full love immersion into the practice of yoga within all facets of her life. After experiencing psychological healing through yoga Chelsea decided to become certified to share this gift with others. Since receiving her initial 200 hour certificate she has participated in multiple advanced trainings to further her education and investigate yoga’s therapeutic benefits. Her classes focus on breath as a gateway to presence, physical awareness via alignment and asana to enable psyche integration.
After living in Steamboat Springs, CO as a yoga and ski instructor, Chelsea decided to move to the high desert to fulfill her dream of becoming and Art Therapist. Currently in graduate school, she can either be found on her yoga mat or adventuring outdoors with her pup.


Eduardo Rubiano


Co-founder of Thrive, Eduardo is an internationally-published photographer and former picture editor at the National Geographic Society in Washington DC. He is a native of Colombia and has lived and worked in several countries around the world before settling in Santa Fe in 2013.

Although indoor cycling instruction was not part of his long-term plans,  his involvement with the development of Thrive led him to become an unexpected but committed member of the team. If you attend one of Eduardo's classes, expect to be guided through an excellent workout with an enthusiastic, energy-balanced, engaged, thoughtful and inclusive approach. 


Jeff Snodgrass


Jeff fulfilled his desire for sunny skies and drier, milder climate when he left Indiana and moved to Santa Fe in 1986. His work in catering at the downtown Hilton Hotel was demanding, which led to him joining bench-step classes on a regular basis to relieve stress. This is where he met an instructor, Ronit Korin. She had recently returned from New York City, where she discovered indoor cycling. She was determined to start her own cycling studio, and needed instructors. Jeff was among 8 others that became certified Spinning® instructors, and with Ronit as the founder, helped open Sky High Spinning studio in 1996. This is how Spinning® was introduced to Santa Fe. Jeff has continued to teach indoor cycling classes since that time. He's instructed at various locations throughout Sante Fe over the past 20 years, including Evolve, Genoveva Chavez Community Center, Quail Run, El Gancho Club and, now, Thrive. Throughout his teaching career, Jeff also became a certified Body Pump instructor.

Jeff has found the most satisfying part of being an instructor is getting to know the students and providing that extra motivation to help them achieve their fitness and health goals, many becoming long-time friends.

When not cycling (both indoors and out on the open road), Jeff is helping people buy and sell real estate in Santa Fe. Jeff is a Qualifying Broker, and has owned & operated his own real estate company, Snodgrass Realty, since 2002. He also manages a large retreat center in Santa Fe. 


Jessica Callaway


Jessica offers a class that is focused on cultivating deep connection and alignment. A competitive swimmer until the age of 17, Jessica understands the tremendous power of meditative breath and movement. Learning to recognize and embrace the strength that is built through fierce determination and perseverance, Jessica's intention through yoga and in life is to empower others. As an independently licensed mental health therapist, Jessica has studied many different trauma recovery models, and specializes in somatic and cognitive health.

Through our breath we connect with ourselves, each other and our environment; through the union that is yoga may we each find the freedom to become more of who we truly are. The focus of our yoga practice should be how we are in the pose, and not the pose itself; this can relate to much in life. As Bukowski says, "what matters most is how well you walk through the fire."  


Joey Reich

cycling INstructor
Santa Fe Thrive

Joey is a Santa Fe Thrive success story, and our studio’s first “home grown” cycling instructor. Looking to get into better shape for himself and his family, Joey attended one of Michele Warsa's Saturday classes, where he sat on a bike next to Lisa Roach and worked out harder than he had ever worked in his life.  The next day he came back.  And the next…  Joey has not looked back since, and converted from a loyal regular to an enthusiastic instructor after earning his Mad Dogg Spinning © certification in Santa Fe.

Joey is a math teacher at Santa Fe Prep, a glassblower, an amateur scientist, a poor skier, a proud nerd, a gardening enthusiast, chess coach, and most importantly, Oliver’s daddy and Amy’s husband. What attracted Joey to indoor cycling was that it is an opportunity to decompress, to do something great for his body, but also to have FUN.  Joey embraces the “Dance Party on a Bike” ethos, and carefully picks out his music for maximal awesomeness potential.  If you are looking for a high energy class, a killer workout, a couple of nerd-jokes, and a chance to “shake that thang,” then Joey’s class is perfect for you.


Julie Reynolds

YOga INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

Julie is an E-RYT 200, E-RYT 500 instructor; certifications received from Kripalu School of Yoga. She first came to the practice of yoga during a time that was filled with the turmoil of change Through a committed daily practice she discovered a intuitive awareness of great peace which provided her a sense of steadiness. She worked through insecurities, while building strength and flexibility on a much deeper level than just the physical body.

Julie's hope is to share the benefits of a balanced and regular yoga practice while providing safety and comfort for her students. Her teaching is rooted in her own personal practice; a dedication to continuing education, personal growth & discovery, and a committed healthy lifestyle. Classes with Julie combine an emphasis on healthy body alignment, mindfulness, attuning to body wisdom, and the link between body and breath. She also strives to provide her students with a practice they may continue through the duration of their lifetime. Her teaching style has been influenced by many different styles of yoga and continues to be inspired by a variety of yoga and mediation teachers. 


Kendra Myers

YOga INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

A native to Santa Fe, Kendra returned home four years ago to complete her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She first fell in love with Ashtanga yoga when she wandered into a class in the small town of Bristol, Vermont during her last year at Middlebury College.  After graduating, Kendra found that she was not ready to leave Bristol Yoga.  She was incredibly fortunate to spend the next four years apprenticing with Christine Hoar, Founder and Director of Bristol Yoga and Ashtanga Montauk.  Coming from a childhood gymnastics background, Kendra was initially drawn to the strength and challenge of the physical practice. Her training with Christine instilled a desire to study the full breadth of the Ashtanga practice, as well as Yogic Philosophy and Ayurveda.  

Kendra continues to study and surf with Christine whenever she can, and over the past decade has had the opportunity to practice with Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, Tim Miller and most recently Louise Ellis in Rishikesh, India.  Now practicing as a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Kendra is thrilled to be teaching again, and to share her love of Ashtanga yoga in her local community.  She strives to continue in the authentic, compassionate and joyful tradition of her teachers.


Kristyn Arnold

YOga INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

Kristyn enjoys teaching a lively Vinyasa Flow combining basic poses, core work, breathing techniques and creative sequencing. Her goal is to create a space where people can tune into the present moment and practice mind, body, and spiritual awareness. Yoga has been an amazing gift and part of Kristyn's journey for the past decade, taking many different forms of healing over that time. She loves sharing yoga with others and helping people tune into their own inner guidance. Kristyn enjoys many forms of movement including dance and sports, is an avid traveler, Master Gardener, and student of Vipassana Meditation.


Lisa Roach

cycling INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

Lisa Roach began taking indoor cycling and yoga classes in 2002 to train for various cycling events in Colorado and Arizona. Indoor cycling, yoga, and fitness in general have helped Lisa take her cycling and personal wellness to new levels and have become powerful grounding forces amidst her busy professional and family life.

Lisa became a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning® instructor in 2010, as a way to share her enthusiasm for cycling and to get back in the saddle after the birth of her son. When she is not on the bike, Lisa works for the New Mexico Resiliency Alliance on rural development issues and tries to keep up with her two spirited children, Coulter and Dahlia. Lisa’s love of cycling, music and movement make for an energetic workout, balanced with humor and most importantly, fun! Let’s ride


Michele Warsa

cycling INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

Maybe you don't even know why, but you wake up one morning and what you do know is that you want a change. Regardless of how your life is or where you are in your life, you believe that there is more. Not more money, more clothes, more friends... but more you. The unique, irreplaceable, magnificent being that is you. With a gentleness and strength of spirit, and of course an impeccable history as a renowned fitness education instructor and health coach, Michele's purpose in life is singular: through body, mind and soul, to help you enrich your way on the sacred journey that is your life. 

Michele is an original Johnny G Certified Spinning© instructor and has been teaching for over twenty years. Her classes are an empowering, uplifting butt-kicking. 


Mira Valeria


Mira is the Co-Founder of Santa Fe Thrive. A former dancer, an economist and a passionate polyglot, Mira spent over a decade traveling the world and living throughout Europe, South America and across the United States before settling in Santa Fe in 2013 with the intention of opening the studio. Since arriving here, she has taught Yoga regularly at St. John's College, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, and the Santa Fe Opera, among others. 

Mira is a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning© instructor and an E-RYT level registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. She has completed over 1000 hours of training under the guidance of her primary teachers, Rusty Wells and Jason Crandell.  Additionally, she has trained with MyLinda Morales and Missy White, and draws inspiration from Desiree Rumbaugh, Seane Corn, Noah Maze, and Bryan Kest. She is a Yoga in Action leader for the non-profit organization Off the Mat, Into the World, and is part of the 108 Asana Warrior Women Project.

Mira's classes are rooted in gratitude - to Self, to others, and to all teachers, in whatever form they appear. Students can expect challenging sequences, lots of sweat and, hopefully, some laughter. 


Nicole Brown


Nicole began practicing yoga in 2001 as a student of massage therapy with many aches and pains, quickly realizing that yoga was not just a tool to mend the body but the mind and soul as well. This realization led to a dedicated yoga practice that has transformed her life ever since. She is a Chicago native, holding a B.A. in Philosophy from Roosevelt University, as well as being a certified massage therapist. Nicole received her 500-hour advanced yoga certification from Moksha Yoga, in Chicago, in 2014. Since her journey began, she has had the pleasure of studying with many master teachers including Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, Tias Little, Gary Kraftsow, Seane Corn, Sianna Sherman, and Gabriel Halpern.

Having recently relocated to Santa Fe with her husband and terrier, Nicole is enthralled to be surrounded by the magical beauty of the mountains, rivers and hiking trails that drew her here. She is also an artist, with a focus on drawing mandalas, ancient objects of meditation. Her teaching has a focus on alignment, anatomy and therapeutic movements, which aim to provide a balance in the asymmetries we all are challenged with in our own bodies. Meditation, asana, pranayama, mudras and philosophy from yogic texts are interwoven in all her classes, as she believes they are the key elements that awaken the transformational aspects of yoga.


Shawn Lott

Yoga INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

Shawn Lott is a 200-Hour RYT graduate of BODY Yoga School. She mentored with accomplished teacher Emily Branden, where she extensively refined her skills of adjusting postures and built a solid foundation in alignment and mantra. Shawn's personal goals in the practice are to use the tools of yoga to connect the Santa Fe community. She is here to align students with their ability to share joy, build and internal fire (tapas) through Asana and gain resilience to global changes. She encourages students to build a strong physical core and energetic core of compassion for themselves and one another. At the heart of her teachings are the ideas that mantra and opening up the voice can release stagnant Prana. At the root of her teachings are Svadhyaya, or self examination, and at the head of her teachings is celebrating the path.

Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled—
to cast aside the weight of facts
and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world.
— Mary Oliver

Sheena Chakeres

Yoga INstructor, Santa Fe Thrive

A former dancer and martial artist, Sheena rekindled her love for movement through her yoga practice and, after moving to Santa Fe in 2013, began to appreciate the breadth of its benefits for the human spirit. Cultivating a vibrant, yet calm, space, she explores asana with her students through a balance of control and play. Above all, she hopes to share the benefits of the practice as they translate off the mat and into our daily lives. 

In 2017, Sheena completed her 500-hour yoga certification in Santa Fe, and continues to explore a variety of lineages. When she’s not practicing yoga, she enjoys hiking long spans of forest trails and traversing the new journey of motherhood.