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The Fundamentals of Yoga

 Photo by Ashley Autumn

Photo by Ashley Autumn

Are you curious what the right yoga class for you is? Are you intimidated to start a yoga practice? We can help! Join Amy Jane Banfield and Carolina Portago for a 4-part series that will give you a foundation in proper alignment to begin exploring Pranayama (breath) and Asana (postures). This workshop intends to foster your confidence in being able to adapt your practice for your body. Each class will build on the previous week, however, you may also attend a single workshop if that better fits your schedule. 

ession 1: Drawing Inward (Forward Folds)
Saturday, January 7th - 1:15-2:30pm

Forward folding helps to focus attention inward, increasing flexibility and creating openness in the hamstrings. This workshop will focus on proper alignment while moving intentionally through standing and seated forward folds, all the while maintaining the integrity of the breath. These seemingly simple poses and their connected actions are the foundations of a steady yoga practice.  

Session 2: Heart Openers (Backbends)
Saturday, January 14th - 1:15-2:30pm

Backbends, often referred to as Heart Openers, not only have valuable physical effects, they also invite the heart in the physical body to open making the emotional and mental actions are just as beneficial. This workshop will address how to mindfully stretch your spine and allow your heart space to expand in a healthy, well-aligned manner utilizing breath. It is important to spend time easing into these postures as a means to prevent injury.

Session 3: Restore and Breathe
Saturday, January 21st - 1:15-2:30pm

Practicing restorative poses tends to lead to a more healing and recuperative experience, most noticeably related to the nervous system. You may also notice a heightened body awareness, deepening of self-awareness and intentionality. This workshop will guide you to find deeper levels and ways of accessing breath (pranayama) and deepening postures (asana) using props provided by Thrive.

Session 4: Your Practice - Putting it all Together
Saturday, January 28th - 1:15-2:30

This final workshop will incorporate elements from each of the previous 3 sessions in order to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. You may notice that by engaging in forward folds with intention, your body is more receptive to heart opening. Perhaps you notice that you are more engaged in the moment when focusing on your breath as opposed to focusing on getting into a posture. By the end of this 4-part workshop, you will have a deeper understanding of the practice of yoga and a stronger connection to what your own practice is. 

$25 Individual Session
$80 Entire Series