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Teacher Intensive with Mira Valeria

Teacher Intensive: Functional Anatomy for Proper Alignment and Assists

In this intensive, we will dive into understanding how the pelvis and spine work together and develop a more nuanced understanding of how we should be doing certain poses and why. 

You can expect to: 

•Learn how the pelvis moves relative to what is above and below it, and how this *should* influence our asana practice;

•Develop a more nuanced, skillful understanding of asanas, including Warrior I and Warrior II-family poses, twisting poses and seated forward bends;

•Learn to apply this knowledge to give skillful and effective hands-on assists. 

This workshop is part lecture and part hands-on application. It is geared towards teachers and practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of how to more skillfully use their bodies in their yoga practice. 

Price, $75